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Dessert Menu

Dessert Presentations

Pear Tarte EDIT

Vanilla Crème Brulée “Paul Bocuse”

with Crispy Palmier   9.
can be prepared gluten free – nut free

Wild Strawberry Charlotte

Bourbon Sponge Cake, Strawberry Velouté,
Parisian Macaron    9.
gluten free

Candied Orange & Belgian Chocolate Tarte

with Creme Anglaise   9.
nut free

Warm Pear Tarte

Almond Frangipane, Pistachio Ice Cream, Trio of Coulis   11.

Chocolate Bavarian

Godiva Chocolate Center, Chocolate Tuile,
Biscuit Truffette    9.
can be prepared gluten free

Fresh Fruit & Sorbet Trio

Medley of Seasonal Fruit with a Trio of Sorbet   8.
gluten free – nut free