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Wild Game Dinner & French Wines!

October 13, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
1092 Bethel Rd
Columbus, OH 43220
$89.99 plus tax & gratuity

Wild Game Dinner & French Wines!

Join Jean Francois Christini as we taste his exceptional French Wines along with
Chef Richard’s Special Wild Game Dinner!


By popular request – we have added another date!

Thursday, October 12   &   Friday, October 13
Five Wines, Five Courses
89.99 per guest *plus tax & gratuity

Prepaid phone reservations required. No online reservations. Please call 614.451.9774

The Menu

Welcome Reception
A Service of Hors d’oeuvre

Chateau Saint-Pierre De Mejans White 2016


Scottish Wood Pigeon Terrine
with Pistachio, Sour Cherry in Brandy,
Micro Mustard and Cocoa Vinaigrette

Domaine Maby Cotes-du-Rhone Red 2015


Elk with Black Truffle Pithivier
Roasted Celery Root Bordelaise

Chateau Saint-Pierre De Mejans Red 2014


Confit of Pheasant Leg
with Apple and Boudin Noir Lyonnaise, Sauce Miroton

Domaine Maby Lirac Red Cuvée Dependable 2014


Chocolate Crusted Chestnut Dome with Pecan Gateau
Rum Crème Anglaise, Chestnut Tuile

Dependable 2CV Red 2015

– JF Wine Imports –

JF Wine Imports, Inc. of Largo, Florida imports and distributes wines from small wineries in France and Italy that are working with both Lutte Raisonnee and organic winemaking techniques.  Lutte Raisonnee is a step away from being organic.  It has the same restrictions and laws but with less government interference (paperwork).  This method is still controlled with certification processes during vinification and strict land management.  This natural way of winemaking was established centuries ago, long before the introduction of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.   In short, winemakers understood, respected, and worked with mother nature to produce superior wines.

In many areas of France and Italy winemakers are going back to this natural art of winemaking despite the arduous process of certification.  To be certified by the appropriate government agencies they must adhere to the strict procedures regarding the use of certified fertilizers, soil inspections, number of vines per hectare, and the amount of hectoliters produced.  This process begins with the inspection of the soil  and continues for three years to become certified.  Once certified and the grapes are picked the process is not over as the government closely monitors the vinification process through the bottling of the wine.

We passionately search out wines from makers throughout the world that share our belief that sustainably produced, clean, handcrafted wines are simply better – better for the families that make them, better for our planet, and certainly better for those of us drinking them.