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THIS EVENING’S MENU - February 29th, 2024
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Red Beet Salad tomato mosaic, spicy micro blend, horseradish vinaigrette 14.
Seasonal Greens Salad blue cheese pepites, roasted walnuts, maple syrup vinaigrette* 14.
Red Radish Carpaccio toasted pistachio aged parmesan, champagne vinaigrette* 17.
French Country Terrine herbes de Provence vinaigrette* 19.
Three Salmon Rillette timut peppercorn vinaigrette, salmon roe blinis 19.
Sea Salt Cured Duck Foie Gras banyuls vinaigrette 25.
Charcuterie and Imported Cheese Board (to share) accompaniments* 39.
Butternut Squash Velouté butter croutons 14.
Frog Leg Soup garlic, shallots, cucumber, and watercress in chablis 19.
Escargot and Shiitake Marble parsley garlic butter sauce, veal mousse** 19.
Seafood Marble red bell pepper choron sauce** 19.
Squab Rossini duck foie gras, jerez veal jus 39.


Petrossian Royal Ossetra 30g 175.
Petrossian Royal Beluga Hybrid 30g 265.

Seafood Course

Pan-Seared Scottish Ocean Trout seaweed parsley vin blanc sauce 31.
Sautéed Atlantic Halibut Suprème green peppercorn velvet sauce 31.
Alaskan Wild Sable Fish and Louisiana Crawfish Tart Duet red bell pepper choron sauce** 33.

Meat Course

Roasted Moulard Duck Magret pear rosemary bordelaise 34.
Herbes de Provence Crusted New Zealand Lamb Chops fennel pollen lamb jus 34.
Wild Herb Brined and Roasted Veal Tenderloin cocoa bordelaise 34.

Bread Basket
serves two - gluten-free available 5.
Whole Loaves To-Go (donation to World Central Kitchen - Ukraine) 8.
Imported Cheese Course (to share)* 24.


Classic Crème Custard Caramel 11.
Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Trio of Sorbet 12.
Praline Crème Brûlée
almond tuile* 13.
Belgian Chocolate Marquis
chocolate sponge cake, crème anglaise* 13.
Chestnut Charlotte
almond joconde, essence of rum, caramel sauce* 13.
Warm Pear Tart
pistachio frangipane, pistachio ice cream, trio of coulis* 16.

*Contains nuts **Contains shellfish.

Chef’s Five-Course Tasting Menu
120. per guest
Classic Wine Pairings 75. per guest
Premier Cru Wine Pairings 150. per guest
Grand Cru Wine Pairings 400. per guest (not listed)

French Country Terrine pistachio, herbes de Provence vinaigrette*
Jean Vesselle Rose de Saignee - Champagne, France
Vilmart Grand Cellier - Champagne, France
Sautéed Sea Scallops red bell pepper choron sauce**
2020 Remi Jobard En Busigny Aligote - Burgundy, France
2018 Chateau Simone Palatte Blanc - Provence, France

Pan-Seared Filet Mignon of Beef cardamom sauce
2019 Antoine Sanzay Les Poyeux - Loire Valley, France
2021 Tenuta di Trinoro Campo di Camagi - Tuscany, Italy
Cervelle De Canut micro arugula
2021 Pinot Project - California
2022 Chateau Thivin Cote de Brouilly Cuvee Zaccharie - Beaujolais, France
Chocolate and Mocha Gateau “Opera” vanilla crème anglaise*
Jean Paul Brun FRV100 - Beaujolais, France
2005 Jorge Ordonez No.3 Old Vines Moscatel - Malaga, Spain

Chef’s Five-Course Vegetarian Tasting Menu
80. per guest
Classic Wine Pairings 75. per guest
Premier Cru Wine Pairings Available
Grand Cru Wine Pairings Available

Mushroom and Zucchini Tian champagne vinaigrette
Jean Vesselle Rose de Saignee - Champagne, France
Butternut Squash Velouté butter croutons
2021 Lionel Faury Condrieu - Rhone Valley, France
Spinach Flan, Carrot Tian, Artichoke and Asparagus Symphony red bell pepper coulis
2008 Terre Rouge Sentinal Oak Vineyard Syrah - Sierra Foothills, California
Cervelle De Canut micro arugula
2021 Pinot Project - California
Chocolate and Mocha Gateau “Opera” vanilla crème anglaise*
Ramos Pinto Ruby Port - Duoro Valley, Portugal

*Contains nuts **Contains shellfish.

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~Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illness, especially with certain medical conditions. We cannot list every ingredient on the menu. Please notify us of any food allergies.

What are guests saying about the Dinner Menu?

"This is the only fine dining restaurant that continuously provides a vegetarian full menu option that is equal if not better than the standard fare. And one that is unique and not just 'Pasta'. Thank you for that!" - December 2023

"The perfect place for a date; my wife and I loved it! Juan provided exceptional service, delivered with warmth and grace. The food, as always, was everything one hopes for from fine dining. We're truly blessed by Chef Richard Blondin's mastery of his art." - December 2023

"The food and service is as good as you would find in the best restaurant in New York City. But the staff is friendly and the atmosphere as you would want in Columbus." - December 2023