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*contains nuts       ** contains shellfish

Prelude 17.
Squab Terrine with Foie Gras* corn salad gateau, sun-dried tomato mousseline
Tomato Confit Tian olive tapenade, basil vinaigrette - Vegetarian
Escargot and Shiitake Terrine with garlic puff pastry, parsley emulsion
Wild Arugula Salad Lyonnaise poached egg, pork belly, house croutons (can be vegetarian)
Chilled Ratatouille Velouté shrimp shavings, micro cilantro (can be vegetarian)
Baby Carrot Strudel green pea coulis, lemon emulsion – Vegetarian
Butternut Squash Tarte caramelized leek, heirloom tomato beurre monte - Vegetarian
Russian Ossetra Caviar Classic Service add 195.

Oyster and Crab Chowder 15.

Seafood Course 27.
Duet of Halibut and Lobster** salmon quenelle yuzu beurre blanc
Pan Seared Sea Scallop Rossini** mushroom duxelle, duck foie gras, jerez jus
Sea Scallop Duo** butternut squash pureé, three mustard vin blanc

Meat Course 28.
Spiced Duck Breast candied fruit bordelaise
Chicken Breast Roulade pastry with black truffle, tarragon supreme
Lamb Chop and Lamb Slider brioche bun, goat cheese, rosemary lamb jus
Beef Filet Mignon cardamom sauce

Add Imported Cheese Course 14.

Bread Basket serves two - 4.00 (gluten-free available)

Finale 10.
Tayberry Charlotte* bourbon crème brûlée center, almond sponge cake, mango coulis
Roasted Pear Tart* trio of coulis, house-made pistachio ice cream
Three House Sorbets macerated seasonal fresh fruit
Dark Chocolate Dome passion fruit pate de fruit, timus peppercorn crème anglaise
Chef’s Crème Brûlée Duet

Chef’s Five-Course Tasting Menu
(availability limited; no substitutions; entire table required) 95. per guest
Wine Pairings 50 / person

Squab Terrine with Foie Gras corn salad gateau, sun dried tomato mousseline
2019 J.K. Carriere White Pinot Noir Glass
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Duet of Halibut and Lobster - Salmon Quenelle yuzu beurre blanc
2019 Les Fleurs de Graville Graves
Bordeaux, France
Lamb Chop and Lamb Slider “en brioche” goat cheese, rosemary lamb jus
2013 Château Musar
Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Imported Cheese Course
2018 Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Granges
Loire Valley, France
Chocolate Soufflé crème anglaise
Moussé & Fils Ratafia La Vie en Meunier
- Champagne, France
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