A Birthday Tribute to my Friend

March 12, 2023 is the day my good friend, Jeff Elasky, would have been celebrating his 65th birthday.
Although, he never really drew any attention to his birthday and not so much, even to himself.
Jeff was one of the most unselfish people I have ever known. Jeff was quiet and focused in his actions and incredibly driven to constantly raise the bar to achieve his goals.
His heart was to see others around him succeed in what they were striving for and he extended himself to anyone who wanted or needed help. Jeff was drawn to those who were authentic about life, working through struggles and hardships in honest ways without added bias and contrived drama.

I am beyond blessed to have shared a long journey of pursuing excellence and finding ways through the bumps along the way to support each other and cheer each other on.

It is rare to recognize that someone has helped make you a better person in life simply by the example they set. We don’t often realize it for many years or until they are gone.
It took 37 years for us to tell each other “I love you” and sadly that was after his diagnosis…
Five months later God took him home. The Lord had totally transformed Jeff’s heart, life and perspective of it. Here is a link to Jeff’s Story on The Refectory Blog
His deepest desire was for his family to follow his journey of faith in the Lord.

Don’t wait to look around and to realize the value of those who have had a profound impact on who you have become. Don’t wait 37 years to tell them how much you deeply appreciate the blessing they have been to you.

Jeff, today, we might light a candle, have a little wine to toast you, recall a story and smile or laugh… but we will miss you and thank you for helping make our corner of the world a brighter place, and in our own ways; we will celebrate YOU!

Happy 65th Birthday, my friend. I look forward to seeing you again in heaven one day.

With much love,