Columbus Ohio: Where a Small Town Meets the Big City

The beauty and serenity of Colombus Ohio are unmatched in almost every other corner of the country. And what makes it so serene? Travelers wandering through the area are often surprised by the hometown feel of Columbus.

Columbus, Ohio: A Brief History

Achieving statehood in 1803, general unrest about where the Capital should be located had it moving from Chillicothe to Zanesville and then back again. Consideration for Franklinton, Dublin, Worthington, and Delaware as potential capitals began, with Franklinton landowners donating two 10-acre plots to help convince the state to move its Capital there. It was all dense forest land at the time, used primarily for hunting.

The city was officially founded on February 14, 1812, and named after and for the great explorer Christopher Columbus. 

The Small Business History of Columbus, Ohio

Small businesses proliferate in Columbus, Ohio. The landscape provides a sort of small town getaway feel despite the size and population of the area. There are around 122,000 small businesses, but that number is continually growing as more and more people purchase homes or sell homes for cash in and around Columbus, Ohio, to move closer to the city center. 

The area is rich with history, from the winding Botanical Gardens to the towering structures downtown, you’ll find all sorts of incredible people and stories within Ohio’s State Capital. 

“How Can I Help Support Local Ohio Businesses?”

Supporting local Ohio businesses is a great way to put our money back into the city and the people who make Columbus such a fantastic place to live. 

Heading out to a local boutique or a bookstore on a Saturday morning in lieu of online shopping is a great place to start. Lunch at your favorite dining hall or bistro, and purchasing gifts handmade locally will give you a taste of the wonders that the city holds within its unique and treasure-filled small businesses. 

The best way to support these incredible places is to get out and GO! Tell your friends. Learn more about the enriching history of each location and the families who worked together to make it a possibility. You’ll be incredibly surprised at the stories you’ll hear. 

“Is Columbus, Ohio a Great Place to Vacation?”

Absolutely! Columbus, Ohio, is uniquely beautiful and full of character. Each small business, the sprawling city center, the wildlife, and the people are friendly, helpful, and engaging. 

Some incredible spots you won’t want to miss include:

The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

A perfect place to wander around, enjoy cocktails at the Conservatory, plan a spectacular event, or take a quick splash in the misting fountain on a warm day. The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are available for event rental or just an evening stroll: and it makes for wonderfully unforgettable memories. 

The Ohio Theatre

The elegance and incredible wonder of this 1928 theatre were saved from demolition and restored in the 1980s to its former glory but with full-scale modernization. 

You and your loved ones can enjoy classical musicals, ballet, opera, lectures, and incredible presentations any time of year.

Ohio Stadium

This gorgeous stadium location is lovingly referred to as The Horseshoe or “The House that Harley built” and is the official Ohio State University football stadium. It’s home to the Ohio State Buckeyes football team and the Ohio State University Marching Band. 

The stadium often serves as an exciting concert venue for big-name brands like Metallica and The Rolling Stones, making it a go-to spot when you’re passing through the area. 

Short North Arts District

Close to downtown, this sprawling walk of specialty shops, pubs, galleries, and cafes, complete with murals and art, is a perfect way to spend an afternoon. The quaint brickwork dates back to the early 20th century and compliments the off-beat feel perfectly.

But not even the landscape compares to the tasty dining spots available around the city and the particular gem that is the Refectory restaurant: a well-blended French and American cuisine masterpiece of flavor served up alongside your choice of over 700 wine selections. 

The Refectory Restaurant: A True Hidden Gem

Having once been a gorgeous church in the Ohio countryside, the Refectory restaurant is a brilliant addition to the quirky and small-town feel of Columbus. 

Chef Richard Blondin of The Refectory established it as the single finest restaurant in the city. Winning the population over with delicious and masterful French dishes, complete with an artistic presentation that has won numerous awards, including Best Restaurant in Columbus for 2020, Best Fine Dining, Best Wine List in 2014, and Best Romantic Restaurant in 2019.

Here’s Why You Should Move to Columbus Ohio in 2022

From local farmer’s markets to the incredible local eats, hiking and fine arts, Columbus Ohio is the perfect place to continue your career, grow a family–or both! 

913 residents live in the city of Columbus, making it one of the top 20 largest cities in the US. However, even though the city is sprawling and rapidly growing, there’s still very much a “small town” feel to this incredible city. 

The people of Columbus, Ohio, are energetic, welcoming, and dedicated to the growth and advancement of the city, making it a fast-paced but comfortable place to settle down. And with so many growth opportunities available given the number of small businesses Columbus is home to, there’s no shortage of potential jobs, competition, and exciting choices for newcomers.

Are you considering visiting this incredible city in the near future? We’d love to visit with you at the Refectory Restaurant! Make a reservation online and experience the magic of this iconic location in person.

-Jake Lambert (Aug. 2022)