Special Dinner Menus

In addition to the ever-changing Dinner Menu, Chef Richard Blondin prepares a variety of menus and embraces innovation to continue to create new, exciting presentations. Menus include our light three-course Bistro Menu, and Specialty Menus such as Chef's popular First Friday Menu.

Bistro Menu

*The Bistro Menu is temporarily being replaced by the Mardi Gras Menu. Please see the event listing below for more details!

Bocuse d’Or Revisited!

The Refectory Restaurant 1092 Bethel Rd., Columbus

On Friday and Saturday, March 6 and 7, 2020, the award-winning Refectory Restaurant is privileged to have the highly acclaimed Chef Laurent Blondin visit the Refectory Kitchen. Chef Laurent will prepare a culinary masterpiece Six-Course Dinner unlike anything else we have presented! Among Chef Laurent’s career highlights are his work under Alain Ducasse and Fernand Point and being a French ... Read More